The Center for Public Safety, Inc. is a research and planning firm dedicated to assisting the public safety community through our planning seminars, spatial needs assessments and master plans.

Who We Are

Mission Statement
The Center for Public Safety, Inc. (CPS) is an organization dedicated to research, planning, and assisting first responders, including law enforcement, fire / rescue, emergency managers and dispatch services in the process of obtaining new or expanded facilities.

Working with Architects Design Group, Inc., one of the most widely recognized design experts in this highly specialized field, the center has been involved with over 200 facility assessments, many of which have been constructed and are currently serving a vital role in their community.

Annual Planning Seminars
Since 2000, hundreds of Police and Fire Chiefs, EOC Directors, elected officials and administrative personnel have attended the seminar, some more than once. These attendees have come from almost every state in the nation and countries across the Caribbean basin.

The full two day seminars are offered in the Orlando, Florida area and agency hosted seminars have been held in Reno, Nevada and Denver, Colorado. If you are interested in attending our Orlando seminars, more information can be found on the seminar webpage. For information about conducting an agency hosted seminar, please contact our office at 407-756-1237.